What Aspects Do You See The Quality of Roller Chain


Roller chain is a kind of chain used in the industry. W […]

Roller chain is a kind of chain used in the industry. When purchasing a roller chain, we should be sure which ones can be bought well. Here are some common methods.

1. From the appearance of roller chain

It mainly depends on whether the chain piece is deformed, cracks, rust and other problems, whether the pin, roller and joint number parts are normal, whether there are loose deformation and wear cracks, and whether it is necessary to check that the roller chain will not make other sounds or abnormal vibration when in use, and to ensure that the roller chain has good smoothness.

2. Accurate measurement of roller chain length

Measure the centre distance between the two sprockets to see if it reaches the normal standard, and ensure the accuracy of measurement during the measurement.

3. Measure the elongation of the roller chain

In order to solve the clearance on the roller chain, it is necessary to apply a certain pulling tension to the roller chain to stop measurement. In order to ensure less error in measurement results, the measurement should be stopped at an appropriate position according to the actual situation, and then the elongation length should be measured.

A high-quality roller chain not only has a long service life and long service life but also can better meet the needs of industrial transmission and complete the transmission work. This is also why we should choose a high-quality roller chain. The next time you want to see the quality of the roller chain, you can judge these aspects.