What Causes The Combine Chains to Rust?


Under normal circumstances, the combine chains is still […]

Under normal circumstances, the combine chains is still relatively difficult to rust, but there are often some special reasons if rust occurs during use.

1. The quality of lubricants is off

The company usually uses lubricants and cleaning agents to be counterfeit products. It can not protect the safety of the combine chains, and even contains impurities harmful to the combine chains. Therefore, it is necessary to select quality products and brands to avoid irreparable results.

2. The quality of the chain itself

In order to save costs, some manufacturers have chosen raw materials that are relatively cheaper. As a result, the quality of the combine chains will not work at first, and it will inevitably be rusted.

3. Does not strictly follow the anti-corrosion steps

The rust-proof treatment of the combine chains parts and the combine chains products during the processing is not strictly carried out according to the requirements of the cleaning anti-rusting procedure and the oil-sealing rust-proof packaging. If the chain is in contact with corrosive liquids or gases.

4. The use of the environment is problematic

If the combine chains is used in humid or acid-alkali environment, it is likely to cause corrosion of the combine chains.