What Is The Problem of Intermittent Reduction in The Agricultural Chain


Users may not know very well that after a period of use […]

Users may not know very well that after a period of use of agricultural chain products, intermittent reduction may occur, and the reason is not found for the time being. In view of this problem, the technicians of the agricultural chain manufacturers can explain it to everyone.

The intermittent reduction of the agricultural chain after a period of use is only caused by the expansion of the agricultural chain due to the heat generated during the operation of the agricultural chain. Friction between parts generates heat, and the agricultural chain is no exception. When the heat exceeds a certain value, it will expand.

In addition, when the agricultural chain is exposed to inert materials, the same consequences will be caused. For this problem, as long as the abrasion of the agricultural chain is reduced, the problem can be solved, so the rusting of the agricultural chain should be avoided so as not to affect its flexible rotation due to rust. The traction chain and the bearing chain can also be designed separately to reduce bearing and wear.