agricultural chain CA555-C6E-8-48L

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agricultural chain CA555-C6E-8-48L

combine harvest chain 


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agricultural  chain CA555-C6E-8-48L

Product Details

agricultural roller chain CA555-C6E-8-48L


agricultural roller chain CA555-C6E-8-48L   



Question one : Why choose US?

QQ20140620102413.jpg High quality with good delivery time. Very patient comunicate and service. Strong team support you here.  ISO9001-2008 quality system, CE goods certificate.

Question Two:  What are Our factory's main products ? 

QQ20140620102413.jpgRoller chain, conveyor chain, leaf chain, agricultural chain, hollow pin chain and double plus chains. chain with different attachments. 

Question three:  Which market we export our goods to?  

QQ20140620102413.jpgUSA, Europe market(Germany, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Russia,France...) South of America, North of America,  Middle East. Asia(Korea)..


 CA555-C6E-.jpgCA555-C6E-48L chain.jpg




Product Description

 agricultural roller chain CA555-C6E-8-48L, use for John Deere AN102009 Corn head gathering  

Big sales both domestic market and abroad market-especially in USA market. 




Pitch: 41.4mm

Inner width:12.7mm

Roller diameter: 16.87mm

Inner plate & outplate:  40MN   Quenching treatment  HRC40-48

Bush:  10# steel  Carburizing treatment   HRA76

Roller: #10 steel Carburizing Treatment    HRA70-76

Pin: 30GrMnTi   Carburizing treatmnet   ≥ HRA79

Agricutural chain series:

We mainly do all kind of agricutural roller chains.  S type, C stype,  Combination chains,

Rice and Corn Harvest chains....


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